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After Kidges build, wasn't there only talk of a roadster version? Maybe Kidge doesn't want more of his 275 coupes running around? One on another continent isn't going to offend anyone's sensibilities though.

With the upcoming Z3gato, I was happy just to get the chance of a car that I wanted and could afford. I was well content for Chris to mitigate some of the development cost in return for the opportunity to mould for more sales. It was never going to happen in my lifetime otherwise.

As Jagtvr has said, and WelshKiwi re-iterated, cash on the table helps things along nicely. Tribute are a small outfit, and project delays are always going to happen as they have to keep the cash flowing in, but dealing with Chris and Dan is always a pleasure, and I know I am going to get excellent value for money, same as WelshKiwi.
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