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Hi all, thanks for the great comments.
Watch this space on the 275 as I am sure once the guys have taken a breath on this one some movement will occur. The dealings I have had with Chris/Dan I think show clearly their passion to achieve bits with whatever they develop/produce but there are clear time and not enough hrs in the day pressures that they face. They have been incredibly busy over a period of time that when it includes production, manufacture, customer contact, marketing, invoice and financials, VAT , materials supply etc, I think it has been challenging for them to develop further some of the great work that has been going on in the background.
Dan still needs to really push into the “Old No 7” identity as well. As we get older time is the most important commodity we lose, my reflection would be the guys have suffered with this over the last 12-18 months or so I have been following them and in contact.
I think the 275 will likely be an option going forward but only serious requests/money will of course make that a reality. Cheers.
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