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Originally Posted by Paul L View Post
WelshKiwi - Hope all goes well with your shipping.

Are you going to paint the bumpers body colour, or do something else?

Good luck, Paul.
Hi Paul, Terry from Evolution (who has shipped many kits before) set it all up so I am sure it is in good hands!

Bumpers are planned to be chrome wrapped. That way if I pick up any damage etc I can get them tidied up easily. Probably be one of the first things I do when the kit arrives so I can work out how it looks. Realise it will mean more maintenance every few years etc where they may need redoing, but I am not too convinced that chrome paint on plastic/gel coat will last too long anyway. So iíll Start with wrapping.
Everything is planned for the vintage look, so chrome door handles/stainless mirrors/chrome or stainless trim where possible. Cheers!
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