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Originally Posted by Barber View Post
6 or 7 to go. Have you got a tracking device?
Hi Barber, no details yet unfortunately. It didnít make the ship last week so got on one Tuesday this week. Once I know the vessel then I should know a bit more but estimate 7weeks from this point. Not a major as still trying to get the build space ready, the NZ weather is crapola and I have been an ill old dog for the last week! Sun is out tho this morning so building will continue! Cheers.

Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
Hey, WelshKiwi, did Chris not give you the live shipping link?
You can track your container live

Would I lie to you?
Most definitely you would Jag, but I never would take it personally! Great vid, those bloody sailors have it hard at times donít they? It is very close to home actually, one of those ships is the Rena, which due to Greek captain and his shortcut, grounded itself on the Astrolabe reef out from Tauranga, NZ. It is still there as a partial artificial reef. As a boatie myself who enjoys a small belt of rum every once in a while (honest!) I am now hoping the vessel my shipment is on has no Greek Captains and no rum onboard! I will keep sweating! 😅
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