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Originally Posted by nzidol View Post
Good luck.... it is all in the detail....

By the way did you talk to these guys for chroming your bumpers?

Just scored this seal at para rubber for the boot lid

Did you also find these wheels
Hey fella, awesome work on the detective work.

No haven’t talked to the plastic guys, how I didn’t find these considering I am 5 mins away but hey, thanks for finding them for me! Will see what they can do and update in case you are interested at all.

Pararubber seal looks good, again I need to explore those guys as to what they have once the panels get here and I know what exactly I need, but a great start thanks.

Yes found the Aussie wheels guys, I may drop them a line once I have heard back from ogrims in the us. Got a few questions in with them. The donor got wof’d today and is now officially off the road. Teardown starts in the next few days. If you had any trip ups or things to be careful of always happy to receive sage advice! Cheers hopefully full of luck for the challenges ahead.
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