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Ok, obviously running far too rich, fouled up plugs and excessive fuel causing the misfire, Start with the basics first, check ALL connections to the compenents of the engine management system for security and corrosion etc. Pull the gaiters back on the connectors and ensure there are no broken wires, Check all intake and vacuum hoses are intact and that no unmeasured air is getting into the engine. With the engine cold check the resistance value across the coolant sensor for the EMS. Either take it out and put it in hot water or warm up the engine and check the value again, there should be a dramatic change.(sorry no exact values to hand I can quote). If no change replace the sensor. Try all this for starters. there is more.
Surging problem probably linked to above but I would remove the idle control valve and clean it, also it's pipework and the bypass port in the inlet manifold.
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