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Talking New 5EXI - stability issues at speed

I feel that I should have gotten involved with the forums much sooner - I have just completed my 5exi and gotten about 300 miles on the clock.

Enjoying it a huge amount, especially as with the beautiful sunshine this week. I am having issues though at high speeds, specifically when accelerating heavily. The steering is very light and twitchy although I expected that as there is little to no weight in the front. At anything above 65 though the front end can suddenly wobble drastically which is decidedly unsettling as I feel I am about to head through the nearest hedge.

I believe I am using the new race suspension - ride height 120mm all round, springs at 300lb front and back although as there is almost 275kg over the back wheels I am considering upgrading the back to 350lb.

Has anyone had any of these issues before?

Thanks, George.
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