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Hi George.

Welcome to the forum.

Where are you located? Put it in to your profile under "User CP" near the top of the page here.

Are you still using the Rover setup/wheels? Do you have another set you could try?

Setting up the suspension as BigRich as said makes a big difference. But also found out that the wheels/tyres can play a big part.

About a couple of years ago, I had stability issues. Car would wonder to the central reservation under hard acceleration. Tried all different toe/camber settings. It was not until I tried a different set of wheels/tyres, that the problem disappeared.

Have exactly the same problem recently with wobble at about 65-70. First I thought it was the wrong size spigot rings in the centre of the alloys. Changed them but no difference. Balanced. Still the same. Tried original Rover wheels and wobble disappeared. Only thing I can think is the potholes and low tyre pressure has damaged the wheels. Will be able to hopefully confirm in a couple of weeks when I get some new boots on a spare set of alloys.
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