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Have just gone and opened it up to check the steering arms and uprights- they are all bolted down solidly so it isn't that.

The alignment I haven't really played with much at all- as I have had no idea to what to set everything. I think I am slightly toe in at both the front and the back, as I was told this makes it more stable in a straight line. I thought I would sort my ride height out first- I'm currently erroding the back of the headlights on the front tyres which isn't good :/

Also checked the tyre pressure- I'm at 20psi at the front and 30psi at the back. Is it 15-17psi all round you want? Have also just discovered some play in the steering wheel, I can move it easily about an inch clockwise/anti without it having an effect on the wheels which can't be good....

Will get it out tomorrow and sort that out.

Thanks, George.
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