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20/30 psi too high.

I'd drop to 18 front, 20 rear as a trial and go from there - depends on tyre size and profile.

I'd be concerned that you can move the steering wheel that much with no wheel movement- something is not right. Track rod ends tightened up fully on rack and uprights? Joint play?

....the alignment really does alter things along with camber...for example when I first SVA'd mine I had about 1.5 deg neg camber and 2mm toe in on front.....the car wandered something terrible.

Suggest you spend some time setting up camber and toe....mine is set at approx:-

Front camber - 0.25 degrees neg
Rear camber - 0.5 degrees neg

Front toe - parrallel to 0.5mm toe out.
Rear toe - 2-3mm toe in.

This is similar to elise setup (check SELOC for different elise geometry).....pity that Marlin don't have a reference setup :-(

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