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The hubs are made by Marlin for the back of the car and the front are the rear hubs initally used in the Seat Leon I believe. It is quite complicated... Having read up on bumpsteer I now know what it is although I don't know if I suffer from it.

As it is to do with how the steering arm moves in relation to the wheels I'm not really certain how one would dial it out either - or whether or not this is necessary in my case.

My problem is that I don't really know what the car is supposed to feel like when it is set up properly. It is currently in a garage though having the camber and tracking settings altered. The roads around where I live are mostly B-roads which are occasionally nice and bumpy So it is sometimes hard to tell if my alterations are an improvement or not.

Re the steering there was just a little play in the joint where the column went into the rack - a little tightening up and problem solved, but yes it is surprising it went through in that condition....

Oh- I'm not sure what you mean by bracing on the rear end, I haven't welded anything else onto the frame - do you have any shots of what you have done to yours?

Apologies for the rather long reply, I shall try to find some engine bay pics- although they aren't that impressive as my engine is 1.8 non-turbo
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