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Default Testarossa 250 tr project

My absolute dream car is a Ferrari Testarossa 250 TR, however as only 5 were made they are quite expensive. Obviously if it had not been for the expense of Christmas I would have bought one. er-hmm.
So when I heard Gary was offing a kit for a 1950/60's race car I went to have a look to see if it could be modified to resemble the TR.

I was impressed with the first finished car and immediately put my order in.
However I was not prepared for the shock I had when I collect my kit.
The gelcoat finish was equal to the best I have ever seen. The coloured gelcoat is as good a quality as my Ultima spyder! You could just sand out the slight mould lines and polish it to a mirror finish.

Another nice bonus was the whole inside of the kit was painted in red Flowcoat. This was something I usually do anyway on a build but it was done for me...nice touch.

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