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Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident View Post
Doesn't sound obvious to me.

I might be down on Saturday with a wad of cash. Depends on what happens on Wednesday with the house buying.

i assume with the amount of work you are doing there will be a long enough lead time for me to get the chassis and engine up to scratch before the body arrives. It looks like your workshop is getting crowded.

It will need to be early to mid morning , about midday at latest as I have an airport run to do after that.....

Lead time is currently 2-3 weeks for a kit ....we deal with them slightly differently to the longer term stuff....we can delay it for you , no problem.
I have 2 G46 kit packages to do at present anyway.....

Yes , workshop is rammed .....difficult to know which way to turn most days - trying to get everything moving on a bit constantly....could do with extra help but just can't justify the extra expense right now ....getting Dave on board as a 'build agent' has helped...
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