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Originally Posted by Alpha View Post
Gary, was the bonnet stretch necessary or just a cosmetic choice? I'd think that the general dimensions from the bulkhead forward would be quite similar between the GT6/Spitfire and the Herald/Vitesse. This would mean that the standard 'italian' bonnet would fit either...

Baz from Brussels
Baz , yes it was necessary ....the different front crossmember changes the length curves forward quite a lot , throwing the grille forward...this is why the front arches needed their front edge moving back a bit.

We are thinking about using a Lancia style bonnet in its modified format as an option on the will need a little blister or scoop to deal with the front carb on the Spit based ones in the same way as the Spit engined Spyder does ...but the GT6 , stromberg version will clear ok...

I have done a Spit based car before with the German bonnet but I can't remember how I got it all to fit !!
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