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OK, this weeks progress report......(not all weeks will show this much action)

I have now removed all the loom and old Ford engine management wiring.

Empty engine bay by marlinpeter, on Flickr

I now have a completely empty engine bay but before further dismantling of the body, I wanted to do some 'Proof of Concept' tests to see if a BMW M52 engine will fit

First job was to remove a wing as lifting heavy engine parts over the wing hurts my back and I'm too short to reach into the engine bay.

Each wing is held on with no less than 18 M6 bolts! The wing is huge.

Wing removal by marlinpeter, on Flickr

I have a BMW M52 engine all in pieces (from a previous abandoned project) so fitting it was done in stages.

First, I placed the sump on a 20mm thick piece of wood on the chassi cross member and butted up to the old Ford gearbox.

BMW 328i POC by marlinpeter, on Flickr

So far so good, the sump cleared the cross member without any issue.

Next, I placed the block (without crankshaft and pistons, conrods, etc) on top of the sump. After a while shifting it around I was able to get a couple of sump bolts in to hold in place.
First issue is that the crankshaft doesn't align with the gearbox input shaft. I need a BMW gearbox to see if this is a real issue. If it is, I will need to raise and possibly angle the gearbox and engine down at the back.
I think some major surgery to the body tub and tunnel will be required to fit the BMW gearbox but it is GRP and I don't think the gearbox tunnel is structural.

BMW 328i POC by marlinpeter, on Flickr

(Having an engine with no crank really helps you to see what is going on )

Next up was the cylinder head.......which doesn't fit as it hits the brake servo.

BMW 328i POC by marlinpeter, on Flickr

An MBM dual diaphragm servo might solve this problem.

Also, the front of the engine fouls the cross member between the front suspension struts.

BMW 328i POC by marlinpeter, on Flickr

I need to assemble a bit more engine and look at the options for moving or modifying this part of the chassis.

I then couldn't resist trying out the inlet manifold..........and I couldn't see any immediate problems.

BMW 328i POC by marlinpeter, on Flickr

Bearing in mind this is just proof of concept and all just balancing together and the head is not in the correct position, I think it looks pretty good!!

BMW 328i POC by marlinpeter, on Flickr

It also seems to clear the bonnets.

BMW 328i POC by marlinpeter, on Flickr

Lots to do and I do really need to get a BMW gearbox to see what other issues I may have.

If you can see any other issues let me know ....

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