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Originally Posted by nzidol View Post
Or use the original boot lock... I'm mounting mine on the outside instead of the mini lock (photo) but you could put it somewhere on the inside to unlock the doors...? Probably only need the square box wired up and push/pull to lock/unlock.
Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
Central locking update.

I had a really good auto electrician come round as I had saved up a long list of problems, one of them being the central locking.
I had bought a cheap kit off eBay for him to fit. He checked out my key fob and with a tester found the battery was dead. I had replaced the battery when I got the car and when it packed up the first thing I did was change the battery (twice). He said he often comes across this, did my batteries come from the same batch? of course they did, he said a lot of these small button batteries were stored for so long before use that they work but only last a short time and people don't think to blame the batteries. His suggestion was to always have 2 working fobs.
I have been going back and forth on this as well. The 3D printed bracket for the OEM boot lock is a pretty neat idea. I was considering finding a way to retain it so that I could at least use its auto unlock for the rest of the car if I needed to as you have mentioned.

I am more and more leaning to going old school on it though and have come up with a good idea to make the original Ferrari 250 interior door handles that I have function like the original (bock locking and opening).
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