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Originally Posted by scimjim View Post
my Car uses the original ecu (with chip) - no setting up, just feed it volts as required
That's exactly what I intend to do with my Ford Puma (front) engined 356 Outlaw race car.

I'm planning to use the Puma's key, ECU and full wiring loom, so I can't really see why it wouldn't just work.

The only potential issue I have come across during my Google research is the speed sensor/torque limiter in the gearbox, which apparently does influence the fuelling at high revs and can cause stalling on the overrun if it's disconnected (thanks to the Fiesta 1.7 conversion boy-racer crowd for that snippet).

I'm hoping that it's possible to either transfer the speed sensor across to the RX8 gearbox (could it even be the same sensor in the Mazda 'box already?) or attach its receiver to a rotating part that turns at about the right rate with the sensor on a fabricated mount.

A last resort plan is to use an electric motor governed by a variable rheostat to match the vehicle speed, but that's starting to get a bit too complicated for my liking.

As for instruments, the plan is to rehouse the Puma's electronic gubbins in old Triumph gauge pods with Porsche style graphics on their faces. It's been done over on the Tribute forum using BMW gauges so it should be possible.

Anyone on here got experience of fitting a 1.7 Puma engine, ECU and loom into a RWD car? Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the thread hijack, Gary, I'll start a thread of my own shortly.
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