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Originally Posted by Egdik View Post
Good to see 'MY' bumpers being used, did Chris say that royalties would follow . . .

The side repeaters look fine, I sealed them with some soft butyl and had enough bolt length to fit well. They are certainly an item of beauty.

Is the panel base for the front indicators facing straight forward ?

We fitted some uprated bonnet struts, but it is tricky with a lack of space. Really need even more force to hold the bonnet up.

Lovely to witness your progress.
Hi Kidge, yeh sorry in respect to your bumpers/moulds taken from them. I was just made aware that you knew moulds were taken for future use and that they would be supplied with the kit I ordered. As far as royalities, tricky may have to squeeze a bit for those!

The fwd indicator pods do have a slight sidewards face to them, not directly fwd facing. same as yours? Did you straighten yours?

Will be looking further into the bonnet struts to see if a local company can sort an up rated strut for me. Also need to upgrade the springs on the catches when all the lights are in so the bonnet “pops” and allows me a one man operation.

Thanks for the good wishes tho, mild progress at best but progress all the same.
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