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Default Fixing grille mesh

Iím nearing the end of my RS200 replica build (MRS200 kit) and have a question about fixing/bonding grille mesh to fibreglass panels.

Iíve bolted the rear clam vent grilles in and was planning on using Tigerseal to bond the mesh from the back for the front bumper vents and also the ear scoops that are either side of the clam roof area. This looks like it should work on the vents in the front bumper but thereís not a lot of surface area to bond to in the ear scoops.

Iíve used this method before on other kits where I used wire and a piece of thin wood to hold the grille in place from the front of the panel whilst the tigerseal set, just not sure it will hold on the scoops.

Iíve also seen others bond metal clips in behind the panel to then bolt or cable tie the grille in from behind the panel but that wonít really work on the ear scoops.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks
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