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Hi Paul, welcome aboard!

I am very slowly finding my way around the threads here.

Thanks for the compliment on the weld, purely a fluke! LOL I have been welding for nearly sixty years so I deserve to get the odd one right... You don't want to see my oxy acetylene aluminium welds.

I am much happier with the seat belt alignment now, it was a fundamental issue which had been troubling me since I got the car. I decided to grasp the nettle and make a decisive improvement, rather than tinkering at the edges.

The back tub is a one piece fibreglass moulding, quite heavy, not bad quality for f/g, the main attachment is down each side on flanges to the massively solid chassis (makes a Land Rover look flimsy!!!). I simply made two plates of aluminium 6" high and bolted them across the gap caused by lifting the tub.

I had been considering it for a while, I am looking for a sort of more 'upright' style which the 1930 Alfa's had. I have dumped the f/g boot lid and wheeled up an aluminium replacement. It is a bit floppy at the moment but I plan to make a backing frame by beating some sheet into shape or maybe a tubular surround linked to the outer panel.

Paul, I am away from home at present at my ex-wife's, on my main computer at home I have a page of your main thread open at a point where somebody showed an open car with new aluminium doors, there was a comment that they have been professionally made. Right now I can't find the pictures. The frame was tubular, with a panel beaten flange riveted or welded to the tube, then the door skin folded round the flange. I am not sure where you are with your car in that regard, I am at about the beginning of 2014 and up to date, if that makes sense, I have yet to read most of 2014. I plan to use the idea I got from that picture to make my own doors and may be able to give you some ideas how to make your doors from aluminium depending on where you are at with them.

Working with aluminium is really quite easy, unless you decide to try to weld it of course!

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