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Hi Limpabit. That's very kind and I'm sure as I get further into it, I will be glad of some help and advice!

Hi Fatbloke. I had a go at the fusebox again tonight. I took the 3 connectors and gold bracket off and I was able to get to the wiring loom underneath. I separated the two main strands a little where they are taped and re-taped them. This gave me quite a bit more flex. I re-installed the 3 connectors. on your vehicle it looks like you've taken the other gold bracket out near the fuel can? For now, I've also twisted the front part that holds the fuel pipes through 45 degrees which brings the black connector away from the strut top to give more space. I also reversed the grey connector and the small black hitatchi box through 180 degrees which also brings that wiring out of the way. So at least the fuse box can be brought far enough out of the way for now, but may need to tweak later.
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