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Originally Posted by rochdaleGT View Post
just to list some of the cars i owned (and some still own) in the last 20y:

8 lotus eclat /excel/elite, 3 TVR tasmin, 1 Rover P6, 2 Ginetta G4/S4, 1 Ginetta G15, 1 Ginetta G27, 2 Sylva Phoenix, 4 sylva striker (here you could contact jeremy phillips, the founderr of sylva autokits as a prove) , 5 westfiels, 1 sammio, 2 Reliant scimitars, 1 marlin berlinetta, 1 marlin sportster, 2 locost, 2 dutton, 1 clan crusader, 1 jeffey j5 seven, 1 fisher fury, 2 NG v8, 1 TVR chimaera, 1 jensen healey.
...and a partridge in a pear tree.

Sorry Marlin owners, I just couldn't resist it.

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