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Made a start today on the remaining flash lines in the panels and testing out all the lights and electrics/warning lights on the donor in readiness for the MOT.

Bonnet, front bumper, roof and upper part of rear clam/ear scoops have all been sorted and the GRP in those areas cleaned up and rubbed down with various grades sanding compounds.

Certainly looks a lot better now, cleaner and very white again!

There are a couple of areas where I’ve filled that need another coat of white primer but it’s really just the doors, sills and rear clam to tackle now- the rear deck of the rear clam around the spoiler is by far the worst for flash lines.

Lights and electrics were fine apart from the drivers side headlight where main beam wasn’t working. Quickly traced this to a bad solder joint on one of the wires going into the relay that’s needed to convert the MR2 setup to H4 bulbs.

Hella covers off now in readiness for the MOT given I’ve wired the spotlights in as front fog lights.

I’ve done the best I can on checking alignment of headlamp beams - there is some adjustment still on the back of the Golf lights that are used but I suspect this may be an area I come a bit unstuck on with the MOT tester!
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