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The screws are 12.8 and were ground carefully with cooling periods to avoid affecting the temper. There's actually rather more of the head left than it might appear in the photo, and the head is only resisting bolt tension rather than dynamic driving loads. Also, the nut you see is a nyloc (you can't tell from the photo angle) and does have a thread proud.
The bending moment is an interesting point though. As I mentioned in the post above (which crossed with yours I think), I'd not really been concerned about load in the toe link. Just done some back of envelope calcs based on conservative assumptions about how much load it might see in worst case scenarios with the conclusion that it's OK for a static load but does give me some concern over fatigue life - i.e. it's not necessarily the right side of the endurance limit where I'd like it. It's not going to see many cycles at that load but still, I shouldn't have to rely on space rocket safety factors. I might accelerate an improvement plan.
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