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Originally Posted by alackofspeed View Post
Clean up and sell the OZ wheels, make a profit, use the profit to fund wheels to suit rover hubs, and get hybrid axle bars made to suit VW / Rover combo?

Why make life more difficult than it needs to be?

I agree entirely!

However, the wheels almost seem too good to sell!

However, there are sets of Mags on ebay in much lesser condition selling for at least 400.

Seeing as i have five wheels and the condition is so good, maybe i should put them on af 500 and buy another set later. (When i actually need them!!!)

I wasnt particularly looking for wheels, but i never can resist a bargain. (Or the chance to make some money!)

Where would you guys suggest going for the axlebars/driveshafts? - Bearing in mind i need to go from audi gearbox to rover hubs???

Thanks for your advice!

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