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Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
The original Z3 hinged flap unbolts from a bracket in the Z3 wing. I marked out and cut the circle from the GRP 275 body in the same relative position as on the Z3 wing.
The Grp disc was then bonded onto the Z3 flap. A simple bracket was made to hold the hinged flap which was first carefully aligned, then bonded onto the inner body with PU adhesive.
Once that was set I checked it opened, closed and still aligned, I glassed over the bracket.
No other mods were done, the opened flap is right in front of the filler cap.
Thanks for making that clear - I had a vision of having to reach 'down a rabbit hole' and avoid dropping the cap into the void . Knowing the filler doesn't need to be altered is (to me) reassuring, because getting a seal on a pipe carrying fuel would appear to be difficult!
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