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Sunday - Part 2:

So it was late afternoon before I had a chance to see what I could do will my aluminium off cuts and the cockpit walls.

Basically, I just want to turn this...

Into something like this…

But, as with most things on this build, this will not be as straight forward as I first hoped.

Take the top edge for example, the flat surfaces end below the painted cockpit edge.

If I want to bring the panels up to the green edge, like so…

They will all need to be hammered into shape to match the side wall contours.

Thankfully, there are good/obvious places to end the front and bottom edges of the panels (when trimmed to fit).

But where would the rear edge stop, given the curve I made to pull the corners together?

Using a patchwork approach would certainly help me work around the side seat belt mounts.

But in practical terms, I can't see a way to get decent access to the whole side for drilling/screwing without removing the seats.

In which case, this may be a job I can only make a start on (say the front section) now and come back and finish over the winter.

As taking the seats out will mean I can't drive the car which would be a pain now the nice weather has arrived.

Or, I have to commit to doing the rear cockpit wall and just accept this is a big job and wait until the winter.

Anyway, that is a problem for another day, so take care, Paul.
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