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Sunny Sunday
Domestic chores and a lovely pub lunch with the family took up most of the morning / early afternoon.

But I did get a decent 2 hour drive after (my alcohol free) lunch and the weather was great.

The car is really running nicely after the carb tuning and it is still turning heads wherever I go.

Due to some road closures around St.Albans I ended up taking an odd way home and came across The Grove.

As I had my GoPro with me, I figured I might get some good footage on the long driveway.

There was some sort of black tie event going on and I couldn't even find a place to park.

So I just clipped the GoPro to the dash and headed back out.

The value of some of the exotic cars in this car park must have run into the millions and then some.

Here is just one example of what was on display.

I think I just need a few more shots of the car for my next video, so hopefully it will be done before the end of June.

Until next time, take care, Paul.
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