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Still not re tested as every time the garage has a spare slot its been peeing it down. not been kicking back though. In reality some of the paintwork on the car was "6 foot" quality. A lot of wet sanding with 1500 then 2000 has helped massively and overall i think its now a 4 "foot" car. With my limited painting skills its never going to be museum quality and in fact i dont want a mirror finish as i think it would look unrealistic.
One spot that was bugging me though was that for some reason i had some annoying micro blisters on the sides where the doors would be on a "normal" car. its been annoying me for ages and to be honest most people that have looked at the car haven't spotted them until i pointed them out.
2 choices really, repaint the sides the original colour which scares the living daylights out of me as i don't have enough of the original paint and colour matching it could be a nightmare. or do something a bit radical.......

The other side has just been done so ill hopefully be able to drive it outside tomorrow for some better shots.

Once the paint has had a couple of days to go off properly I'm going to hand stripe a navy blue dividing line in coach enamel along the top and around the curve at the rear. this will hide the "edge" between the 2 colours and tie in the navy blue leather interior and the navy blue leather cockpit edging.


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