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Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
I notice you have removed the rear ariel. I left my base in position and used a sharks fin style booster. Cut away most of the shark's fin leaving the base and amplifier. It has a single wire with a loop, this is simply screwed onto the base using the hole that the ariel screws into. Very surprised that I get excellent radio reception and all totally hidden.

How are you getting on? I suspect as you have had it a few days that it must almost be ready for paint
Hi Jag, great idea on the aerial, yes I removed it temporarily but it is still there wired in and was going to try to work an angle on it. Might have to try plagiarising your method as it sounds a good one! Kit has hit some reasonable snags that I am working thru hopefully in the next week or so with Chris and Dan, have to construct a plan. The kit unfortunately was sent missing items which need to be sorted and at present the roll cage/roof support doesn’t fit. I have a line of sight that may work, but failing that it may need remanufacture. Gutted it has started like this but I am sure won’t be the last of the challenges along the way. Keep you all updated when able to and making forward progress! Cheers.

Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
Looking forward to your build and regular updates. I'd still be in the market for a convertible version if it should become available. Good luck with your build.
Thanks LLM. As you will read above not the best start but once progressing I will make sure updates are flowing when they can. The “glossy feeling” has diminished a bit this week after the wait but as soon as I can get fitting items that will rush back! Cheers.
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