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Originally Posted by Welshkiwi View Post
Hey thanks Paul. You always expect some challenges, but after all the planning and “replanning” you hope it doesn’t come at the first build hurdle! Spent about 4hrs yesterday meticulously removing micron after micron of metal. Not sorted yet but optimistic I may have a solution, it is going to take a while though at best in a home garage with no chance of the heavy engineering workshop it needs. Hoping the optimism continues!
I have been looking at Kidges car and liking it a lot. Certainly something to look forward to. Cheers!
In my experience with welded fabrications and fibreglass moulded parts often require some "heavy fitting" at the early stages. It will need more than just trimming a few microns here and there by the sound of it, don't be afraid to get stuck in if needed !
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