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Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
In my experience with welded fabrications and fibreglass moulded parts often require some "heavy fitting" at the early stages. It will need more than just trimming a few microns here and there by the sound of it, don't be afraid to get stuck in if needed !
Thanks LLM, yeh you are right a bit of hard elbow grease will be required at stages. Just taking my time with the roof support as this is part of the certification process over here so it is tread very lightly. It is coming together slowly, I have been at it for another 5hrs today and it is starting to work. I do have angle of insertion issues with the roll bar, so once I can get them to go full insertion into the chassis tubes separately then I can try and play with the angles between them. At present they won’t insert into the chassis together.
Appreciate the good thoughts tho! Cheers.
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