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Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
I am presuming you are talking about where the roll cage drops into the vertical tubes in the car.
If they are slightly too close you can get a hydraulic body ram kit cheaply on eBay, amazing what they will move.
If it needs bringing in you could try using some heavy duty ratchet straps, again it is surprising how much pressure they can exert.
Yup you got it Jag. At present they are too far out at the insertion point. I have had them to line up with ratchet straps but they are not in alignment enough to insert more than about 30mm without jamming up. As you know they have to insert approx 270mm! Once I have them freely moving in and out seperately it at least gives me the starting point to work on alignment. At present they won’t insert fully on their own. I may find that it is just “spring” and aligning the lower end squares everything up. It may tho be that the stresses are coming from the top end so a bit more persuasion with heat may be required. Just have to wait and see but the good bit is I can strap the tubes so they start. Cheers.
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