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Default Strengthening frame

Hi Kiwi

We had the same problem. When Chris was here trying to fit it, he blamed the car . . . but since you have the same trouble, it looks more like the jig / mule he is using.

I used a 40 grit sanding disc 115mm several / a lot of times and a couple of ratchet straps around the Z3 tubes.

After a while, at about two thirds to three quarters down, I decided the fit was ok. Got it powder coated [just to the top of the Z3 tubes]. The bottom of these tubes is open, so I only used a smear of grease and then seated the frame right down . . . never going to come out again. Took a bit of life out of my leather hammer, rubber shot hammer and a wooden mallet, even holding a bit of wood on the top tube, but the frame is ok now !

Rear mount holes needed a little adjustment . . .

All the best
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