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Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
That is the "heavy fitting" I was talking about ! Taking a few microns off here and there isn't the right approach. If you are sliding tubes together use some grease or anti sieze too.
Hi LLM, thanks for the inputs, but I am happy the right approach is being worked. An interference fit is an interference fit and if I employ the Geoff capes method then all that will happen is I will have a bare metal, non-painted roll cage jammed in the car. With how tight it is I will be able to pick the backend of the car up without pulling it out! I am not ready yet for that point or the heat differential method of fitting (I.e cooling/heating the seperate parts) To coin a phrase that we use a lot when fitting interference parts, I could paint black hairs around it and it still wont go in! Ooh err! Read the next post you will see I have made some progress tonight. Cheers.
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