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Originally Posted by Egdik View Post
Hi Kiwi

We had the same problem. When Chris was here trying to fit it, he blamed the car . . . but since you have the same trouble, it looks more like the jig / mule he is using.

I used a 40 grit sanding disc 115mm several / a lot of times and a couple of ratchet straps around the Z3 tubes.

After a while, at about two thirds to three quarters down, I decided the fit was ok. Got it powder coated [just to the top of the Z3 tubes]. The bottom of these tubes is open, so I only used a smear of grease and then seated the frame right down . . . never going to come out again. Took a bit of life out of my leather hammer, rubber shot hammer and a wooden mallet, even holding a bit of wood on the top tube, but the frame is ok now !

Rear mount holes needed a little adjustment . . .

All the best
Hi Kidge, thanks so much for the info. That is pretty much what I am doing and also clearing/honing the chassis tubes as well. The good news is after 12 hrs of going at it I can get the tubes fully inserted separately, but it is still tight. So I will carry on to give me a bit more clearance around both tubes which should help then making the alignment problem a bit easier. They are dropping at a slight angle so a bit of spot heating on the tubes may be required to straighten them up together. Just have to patiently truck on an work through it.
I am going to spray it once completed, I am staying away from powder coating now.
To give you an idea of spring in the tubes, I can ratchet them from 1006mm static to about 990mm fully loaded so plenty of wiggle room. 12hrs in on this so far!
Pity tho that you had issues and now this one as well. Could be right with the mule or could be the method of construction/heat in areas when placed in car is pulling the cold form in the wrong direction. Cheers, loving your car by the way!
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