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Originally Posted by Mitchelkitman View Post
I've not seen the item (so forgive me if this is a daft idea) but could it just be cut in the middle (or to one side), trimmed and slotted into place and re-welded?
ETA, if that's it in #94, then I'd just slice and re-weld!
Hi Mitchelkitman, fair thoughts and I have already asked that question with the cert guy who is dealing with it over here. Truth is he doesn’t know if that is doable without further advice and it may render the main hoop needing being remade. Trying the softly approach first, I have managed to get the tubes fully inserted tonight, when fitted together about 50mm insertion, so i am clearing a bit more gap and then working on the alignment. Hope it doesn’t get to the point of cut/weld or remanufacture. Cheers!
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