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Merry Christmas everyone!

I'm still here, i still have the car, i'm still tinkering with it, thoroughlly enjoying it and getting it ready for my annual new year jaunt across the mendips (Heated seat cover has been dug out in readiness!)

As far as routine jobs are concerned the only thing i've had to do this year so far is replace a very mildly weaping core plug which cost a princely sum of 80p and about 10mins to sort!

I've also found a walnut gearknob that i bought right back at the start of the build and i decided to fit when i gave my centre console a bit of a tidy up.

While i've not been actively posting on here much this year (as i've not had much to say!), i have been lurking and reading all of the "interesting" disucssions about prices and selling as TBH i think the Miglia will go on the market when the weather starts to pick up as there are simply too many other things i want to make, espeically seeing as Prova have resurfaced and are advertsing new Countach kits again....

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