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Originally Posted by rochdaleGT View Post
...looks more like a professional dealer has purchased the car, now struggles to get it registered, hence for sale.
So now you are an expert on how the Hong Kong car registration process works too?

This is what the guy who bought the car originally wrote...

Originally Posted by Onlinesys View Post
... Likely to use the classic car moving permit and/or trade license plate initially...
So it is possible he was a car dealer himself.

Personally, I have no idea of what the rules in Hong Kong are.

Originally Posted by rochdaleGT View Post
in the original Madabout kitcars thread the buyer was highly praised as a collector and enthusiast...
So you think someone who buyers a car, ships it half way around the world and then drives it, fixes it, drives it some more is not a collector or enthusiast?

What a sad little world you live in and have you really got nothing better to do?

Anyway, I know I should not feed the troll, so I'm off to sort out my new shed...

Cheers, Paul.
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