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Originally Posted by Barber View Post
Any improvements in the knee, or the roll cage, or both?
Hi Barber, thanks for the catchup! Still chugging along with the knee, seeing the specialist on Monday, but am certainly moving around better than I was a few weeks ago.

Roll cage now fits the car, still tight going in but that is due to a slight “crab” in the roll tubes that evidently occurred when fabricating. I have the certifier coming round tomorrow for more photos of it installed and fitment locations so that they can be sent for final structure approval. If all ok I will be cleared to paint/final install and carry on! I could have soldiered on in other areas, but with the disappointment of not being able to get started as I wanted, plus the knee issue it dropped my enthusiasm for a bit. Now getting around more I am happier, just need the ok with the cage etc and I can progress onwards a bit better!
Liking the progress with the roof/glass on yours, should be a fine finish on that one!. Cheers.
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