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Hey guys,

Been watching your progress on your threads avidly in the background with very little to say so have stayed silent! Honestly my build has been a frustration coupled with personal and family illnesses so I have stayed well away from working on the car when not in the best frame of mind. Very mindful not to do something twice so better not at all.
The good news is there is sun breaking through the horizon. I have finally got the go ahead and the green light from the certification side over here to proceed. So just having a catch up/set the plan with the certifier on Monday and then I am all go. Unsure what my schedule will allow me to put in time wise, but will make sure it is as plenty as I can make it!
The only progress has been the parcel shelf/new speakers set up in the car and partial wiring extensions started as well as the front alloy bumper resized. Minimal work due the delay but I had weeks where I couldn’t move freely so just left it.
Hoping the roof support/cage will be prepped and sprayed next week for fitment soon after. Once in I can get stuck in all over the build but am going to concentrate on front clam and inside shelf area prior to re-fitting the seats etc.
Hoping for some photos soon to give me some enthusiasm of progress and to get my A into G!

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