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Wink Update

Hey fellas/ladies.
Been some progress but some challenges as well.

Wiring: Have virtually finished extending the lighting back to the rear engine bay scuttle ready for wiring through the front clam. Pretty standard stuff, soldered wires, heat shrink and waterproof quick disconnects for the transition to bay/clam so if I need to remove it in future much easier proposition. Going to work on a couple of brackets for the disconnects to tie to as well as tidy the looms etc. All the left side tested out ok so fingers crossed for the rest of it!

SRS: this will be the challenge. Due to having to meet 700mm zonal head impact regs, as the cage is close and well within standard 900mm, then webgrabber seatbelts needed both sides. They are being discussed next week with supplier. Thought I had it nailed with resistances reqd to bypass pretensioner and seat belt buckle, but something wrong. Used 3.3ohm for squib and 100ohm for ďbuckledĒ bypass but SRS fault light stays on. Unfortunately OBD2 that I am using tells me no fault codes so I canít reset anything! Another days problems I think!.....It may be picking up the passenger seat pad fail as it is not plugged in so I may end up with the original guts of the seat plugged in and tied under the seat assy somehow to get round it and just bypass resistor the airbags both sides. Weíll see.

Cage: Painted and ready to go in. Anti crush tubes were required by LVV to be fitted at front location bolts, tube wall is probably fine but didnít take me long to fabricate/paint some fill in tubes. Hopefully put in tomorrow so I can start working on high level brake light fitment to roll tube.

Parcel shelf area about 90% there, some carpet needs trimming etc but letting it settle into the curves before I do that. Bloody new speakers donít work after wiring in, unfortunately didnít check the originals worked before I took them out so it may be an input issue from the head unit plugs etc. Nothing visible but another challenge to work through before the seats go back in.

So hopefully getting closer to some pictures tomorrow and pulling the front clam out of the crate for a play! Cheers.
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