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Thumbs down Oil Woes

Two weeks ago, when covering over the beast after its regular warm up run on a rare sunny day, I noticed a thin streak of oil on the ground where I'd reversed onto my parking place on my daughter's front (we live next door to each other). A quick inspection revealed the leak was from my adaptor sump plug where the sender for my capillary oil temperature gauge is fitted. The builder working on my daughter's house had a skip blocking access to the concrete area, so I've had to wait until its removal to start work.

My lovely Polish neighbour on the other side went back through force of circumstance but kindly left me some useful kit including his home made wooden ramps, which don't skid along the ground like metal ones. Excellent!

With the great access these provide I was able to remove both the sender bulb and adaptor plug, and drain the oil. Whilst I was at it, I also removed the oil filter and ordered a new one. Examination of the plug and sender didn't give a clue as to which was faulty, but the mere three litres of drained oil told that I was very lucky to have spotted the leak in time!

Further progress will await delivery of the new filter. I'll initially fit the regular sump plug as first trial and error step in finding the guilty component.

Regards, Mick

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