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Good start Ian. A couple of points:
the 30mm brakes may not fit in cromodora wheels. Alfa 166 hubs are the right size (5x108mm and correct centre bore, unlike Ford 108 hubs)
Mazda Mx5 front, fitted with Alfa 166 hubs, is almost ideal.
Chassis triangulation is essential. If you think of a triangulated box you get the picture - it is rigid any way you look at it. Take away one face or one triangulation and you have a problem. Racing cars built around road cars have big diagonals across the doorways. If you want unrestricted cabin doorways and no centre tunnel then you are left with the original Ferrari-type design of an overly heavy floor (platform) that actually is not very stiff. Stiffness is needed for modern tyres and suspension geometry. In the good old days chassis twist was actually accepted and used as part of the geometry and the skinny tyres would give way long before the grip imposed too much force on the chassis. Now days it is different.....
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