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Default chassis

The cascu chassis is an exact copy of the original dino and as such requires dino suspension components. These can come from a 308dino or an original 246dino.
Nobody would scrap an original 246dino to build a recreation 246, with the price they fetch it would be restored. Similar story with the 308dino/gt4. These are rapidly going up in price and it wouldn't be worth it to scrap one justt to source the components needed.
There are other problems too, the main one being the engine bay, It's designed around the ferrari engine and gearbox-with the gearbox being underneath the engine, not for an end on gearbox fitment.
I want a more bespoke chassis built with more up to date mechanicals,not with an aging 30 year plus donor. I have a new crate V6 engine and I'm hoping to mate it to a modern Ford Focus RS gearbox. The engine cradle/bay is to be my starting point.
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