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Default mrs200 and sva

just had a look at the dvla linkabove it should definately come under the radically altered vehicle section i did mine in july 2016 using that section, no probs,i think its got something to do with the fact that the "chassis" you are using already has type approval in the uk i just put all the info they ask for on the form from the existing v5 then filled in the v/627 stating "TRIBUTE MRS 200 "and only the outer body panals had been unbolted/removed and replaced with a tribute automotive mrs200 kit with no chassis mods new v5 came back in around 10 days with "TRIBUTE MRS 200" and the original reg number, no mention of "toyota" on the new v5 .On the front of the new v5 at the bottom it says "rebuilt from parts some of witch are not new" ,dvla sent a letter 1st telling me everything was in order, and the new v5 was in the post, then i purchased a private reg number from them shortly afterwards, sent all the forms back ,new number allocated within a week, must admit i was a bit amazed myself how quick they processed everything, must have caught them on a good day on both occasions !! unless its a case of who,s desk it lands on and witch side of the bed they got out of that might have something to do with how they process each application bassically i think if you follow the 8 point rule everything should be ok if you cant meet this then worst case senario would be a "Q" plate and maybe a iva test
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