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Originally Posted by Mitchelkitman View Post
Originally Posted by retro200 View Post
hi nick it shouldnt need iva as long as you dont alter the chassis and get the 8 points needed for the rest of the car mine didnt its a body swap, just re-register it as a radically altered vehicle, fill the forms in and send plenty pics of the build there was no charge when i did mine i sent a cheque for 55 and they sent it back with the new v5 you can even do it now before you finish it , andy mcmillan did his this way , regards, mick.
On reading the document in the link it would seem that it's NOT a radically altered vehicle, but is a KIT CONVERTED vehicle. It all seems very confusing, as reading the radically altered it seems a new (to original spec) chassis could be used, so (for instance) an MGB could possibly retain its original reg number with a new heritage monocoque, however there is a specific category of rebuilt classic car, which indicates it would get a Q reg. Typical DVSA confusion?
The Heritage shells come under “Rebuilt Vehicles” that already have type approval and are using a chassis/bodyshell to original spec. It’s the same form for all of them anyway.
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