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Soggy Sunday:
Our new sofa is in, the old sofa has gone, which just left the new sofa packaging in the Summerhouse to take care of.

Which was a good excuse to have a proper tidy up and rearrange the numerous boxes in there.

Believe it, or not, but there is actually a big improvement on the inside at this point, after I've made another trip to the dump.

However, I still had to work in all this mess today, so I will finish the tidying up another time.

Instead, I peeled back the covers…

So I could undo the work I had done to tidy up and tuck the wiring loom safely out of the way.

Then I could remove my LED reflectors and compare them to the Lucas rubber mounting.

First job was simple enough, just drill an extra hole for the LED wiring.

Not easy to see in the photo, but I have just made a start on removing a lip on the inside.

Removing this lip helped the different profile of the LED reflector to fit in.

As did filing down the edges of the reflector too.

Sorry about the poor photo, but the back end now worked like this.

And the front like this.
( With one done, it was much quicker to do the second one. )

Unfortunately, by this time it was raining steadily outside.

So these will be re-fitted another time.

Until next time, take care, Paul.
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