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Mine were registered before this new "kit conversion" category existed, but from what i can gather:

However its the same form called V627/1 here:

you only fill in about 30% of it cos its a generic form.

just put a cover letter with your documents and photos setting out what you have done in 3 steps:

1) bought an MR2
2)took the non-structural body panels off, leaving the original frame and mechanical components
3) added a fibreglass replacement body which changed its appearance but nothing mechanical. In fact it scores a maximum 14/14 points.

keep photos down to a minimum - 4 or 5 should do it - as long as they can see the original car, the naked frame, the finished car (unpainted and undetailed is OK - just the body fit will suffice), and some half-on-half-off panel swap images to show you really did it!

include receipts of purchase for car and kit (you dont need any sundry receipts)

V5: leave MAKE as Toyota, and change MODEL to "MRS200" or whatever you like. Change body style from convertible to coupe. Change colour.

The online guide kinda suggests you need another form filling in called a V55/4 or V55/5.... The first time i DID fill that in and it just confused them and they registered the MR2 swap AND register a new car..then I had "fun" with what is technically a cloned car. Took 6 weeks to sort that one out and it went right to the CX of the DVLA to intervene!). The CX said if you ever do it gain, DON'T use this form. So on my second one I didnt and all was fine within a few weeks.

i think you need your drivers license and proof of address or something too, and MOT Certificate, and pay the road tax with a cheque. (What's a cheque?!)
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