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Odd Jobs:
It was an early start as I was at Sainsburys at 7am for the final bits for Christmas dinner.

It was almost 3pm before I could start working on the car.

First job was to remove the broken LED reflector, start the the engine & switch on the fog lights.

This allowed me to check the wiring of the new LED reflector.

I then filed down the edges of the reflector so that it would fit into the Lucas rubber mounting and refitted it.

I had two other jobs to do in the boot while it was 'open'.

The first was to swap the standard nuts on the locating lugs for nyloc ones.
( As these were shaking themselves loose when I was driving along. )

I had also been having trouble with one of the boot lid locks not wanting to close.

Eventually, I spotted that it was fouling here.

Unfortunately, by this stage it was dark outside, so the following photos are rubbish.

But I covered the rear of the car up...

And ground the area back a bit to give me some more clearance.
( I'll repaint this black another day. )

The good news is that both rear fog lights are now working again.

The bad news is that I noticed a big chip in the paint in one corner of the boot opening.

And the engine blew oil all over my wife's car a few feet away.
( So I had to wash that down when I was finished. )

Despite being lit by the street light in the photo, the rear end really does look the part now.

Until next time, take care, Paul.
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